Vins i Llegendes 

Vins i Llegendes – DOQ Priorat 

Vins i Llegendes is an elegant and seductive wine that Celler Ronadelles develops under the DOQ Priorat. This is the purest expression of the “terroir” of the Priorat vineyards and a tribute to the legends that have marked this land full of light and energy. One of the innovative elements you can find surrounding this wine is that you can find the same wine with four different, hand-illustrated, labels. Each image reflects a historical fact or a legend of the Priorat region: 

 ~ Scaladei 1935: The Disentailment of Mendizábal, looting and burning of the Cartuja. 

~ Cornudella S.XII, the daughter of the Count of Prades gets lost during a hunt and was found thanks to the sound of her horn (“corn” in Catalan), leading to the origin the toponym of Cornudella (Horn of her). 

~ El Salt de la Reina Mora 1153 (The jump of the Moorish Queen 1153). “Abdel Zaida”, the Moorish Queen of the Siurana Castle jumps off a cliff with her horse before being captured by Christians. 

~ Fil•loxera 1878, this plague reached the peninsula after devastate the vineyards throughout Europe and puts an end to the years of growth that the Priorat had experienced.

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