Olive Oil

Olive Oil – 100% Arbequina

He who has a jar of olive oil, has a treasure.

The small Arbequina is the jewel, an olive variety that adds softness, fluidity, complexity and elegance in it fragrance, a spicy detail in it taste.

AD Adernats Olive Oil is prepared from the arbequina variety of olives (typical of the area of the Siurana Denomination of Origen), which is collected by hand at the peak of its ripeness, through the “ordeño” method (stripping the olives from the branch) and cold pressed to make the most of its organoleptic ad chemical characteristics.

Virgin Olive Oil: Indicative of natural product obtained from the first pressing of olives by mechanical methods that do not alter their natural composition and therefore retain all the vitamins and nutritional content of the olive oil.

Extra Olive Oil: With excellent quality characteristics

Fruity olive oil: Indicative of the quality and intensity of taste and aromatic components. Communicates its aromatic and flavor properties to food.

Acidity Up to 0,5°
Índex of peroxides Maximum 15
K 270 Maximum 0,15
Humidity Up to 0,1%
Impurities Up to 0,1%