Xarel·lo Grape


Xarel·lo, the iconic indigenous variety of the Penedès, is a light-skinned grape from Catalonia and one of the most widely planted. The clusters are medium-sized and not too compact.

Xarel·lo grapes adapt well to most soil types up to an altitude of 500 meters, very well adapted  to the land and climate of the area  of Penedès , but where it is best expressed is on the clayey, calcareous soils of the Conca del Riu Anoia. 

The clusters are medium-sized and not too compact, resistant to drought and heat, it produces wines with body, rustic but elegant, with aromas of white, stone fruit and mediterranean shrub such as fennel.

Xarel.lo is also known as Cartuja, Cartuxa, Moll, Pansa, Pansa Blanca. 

It is used for the production of various wine styles, but  best known for its role in the production of CAVA, where it is blended along with other varieties.

Xarel·lo is one of the white wine grape that forms the backbone of the Cava being one of the three traditional grapes used in its production. The other two grapes are  Parellada and Macabeo.


Grilled Calçot

One of the most enjoyables Catalonia food fest.


What is a Calçot?

It looks like a leek and tastes like a mild onion.


It actually is a green onion but milder and less bulbous than the normal one.

Traditionally grown in certain areas of Tarragona, although now it is cultivated in may places around Catalonia. The calçot form Valls (Tarragona) is a registered EU Protected Geographical Indication.

Calçotada is an annual event in Valls, Catalonia celebrating the harvest of calçots, and it starts on the last Sunday of January. Calçotades are very popular and are especial occasions for family and friends to gather together and share a great gastronomic moment.

Calçotades are held every now and then between the months of January to April

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The Porrón

The Porrón

The Porrón

The porrón has a sort of ballon shape with a open fluted throat which allows the server to fill it with either wine, bubbles, sangria, beer …. and once filled can be closed with a cork lid.

It has too spout in one side, upward at 45º angle and with quite narrow tip from which guests drink.

El Porró Català

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